It may seem obvious to most of us in marketing that video marketing performs a multitude of times better than text and photos. Television ads can cost tens of thousands to produce and even more to air on TV. Of course TV has a huge audience and scheduling ads around popular shows is super expensive.

Control the Dialog

Video allows you the freedom to identify a product the way you want, answering questions that your audience may have before they even consider evaluating it. You have access to a medium that allows you to be creative with music, words, fonts, colors, and using character actors to relate to the audience.

Video on Social Media is Cheap

The cost of putting your ad in front of an audience on Facebook is peanuts compared to Cable TV. The biggest cost to you is the production. If you want to create close-up video with perfect lighting, colors, and music, the cost of equipment and editing is virtually limitless. PErfect video is not always necessary, especially for low priced items. The fact is, you can create simple ads with a smart-phone with quality that is totally acceptable on social media. In fact, for some products and services, cheesy and cheap ads may work better. Especially if the you want the audience to relate to your message. Of course, if you are selling luxury items, like branded handbags, watches, or expensive cars, maybe you should consider paying more for professional video.

Targeting on Social Media is Key

Facebook has removed some of the demographics targeting, but the platform lets you target the audience based on their interests. You can also exclude people in the audience based on their interests of their job title. For example, if I want to create an ad to sell dog treats, I can target people who are interested in dogs. I can also exclude people who work for my competitors. Facebook’s targeting and look-alike audience creation is a power tool for any marketer.

Good Graphics Design to Improve Video Quality

Using moving text and graphics in a video can enhance the overall quality and message of the advertisement. People will See, Hear, and Read your marketing message, that means better retainment. QVC was created specifically to sell products, and they do an excellent job of it. According to, QVC sold $11.28 Billion in 2018. That speaks to the power of TV and video.

QVC SAles volume 2018 -

Social Video Marketing is #1

Facebook expects that in 2 years, 90% of all advertising on Facebook and Instagram will be video. The tools on the platform are getting easier to use and smart phones apps are making it easier to edit videos right on your phone.

TV is still going to be around through 2025, but the audience is changing. People are opting out of the cable company’s bundle deals for Internet, TV, and Phone. Many people are buying only internet and subscribing to Netflix, Hulu, or other content delivery sites. As these platforms come out and compete in the market, it provides a relatively low cost advertising medium for product marketing.

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