MDS- System 2400Started IT Career in 1979

I started my career in 1979 after graduating from DeVry Technical Institute in Woodbridge NJ as an Electronics Technician. I went to work for Mohawk Data Sciences in Union, NJ. My job was Field Engineer, repairing data processing equipment. Mohawk specialized in Key-to-Tape and Key-to-Disk systems, eliminating the need for card-punches. Computers were clunky and slow, but we knew more about the internal workings than people do today. One chip in an iPhone represents thousands of components on dozens of circuit boards in one of the machines we supported. The machines were big and clunky and the work was quite different back then – we used Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers to track waveforms and digital timings. We would often troubleshoot to component level. 

Moved to Los Angeles, CA

DEC VAX 11/780In 1981, I moved to Los Angeles where I went to work for Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC). DEC 11/70 SystemI was a Field Engineer, working on PDP-11 and Vax Systems. I was trained as a large disk specialist. This was a time when computers filled large rooms and disk drives were the size of a washing machine. The picture  below-right shows RP-06 drives. The drive had a removable pack that weighed about 30 lbs. It had 10 stacked disks and spun at 2400 rpm. The heads fly over the surface at a distance of about 1/100th the thickness of human hair. You could watch the actuator move as it positioned the heads over the cylinders. It was quite impressive when the heads would crash because of a spec of dirt or hair.

I once had a customer stick paper labels on the top surface of 25 drives. The labels came off and destroyed all the drives. I worked about 36 hours straight replacing heads, cleaning the drives and doing alignments.RP06 Disk Drive

I later went to work for TRW Defense Systems Group at Space Park in Redondo Beach. My job title was Project Engineer, my responsibility was to maintain the DEC systems and Unix Systems. It was a great job where I learned Unix System Admin, Shell Scripts, and C Programming.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

 Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash.

I left TRW to work for Wangtek in Simi Valley, and soon after went to work for their competitor, Archive Corp. Archive was in Costa Mesa,CA. Archive was purchased by Conner Peripherals, and again by Seagate Technologies.  Archive QIC-150 SCSI driveMy job there was Applications Engineer, supporting OEM evaluations. I eventually became the Asia/Pacific Support Engineer, traveling throughout Asia working with customers and distributors. I was keynote speaker for the ICC show in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Delhi. I also did C++ programming and wrote the SCSI tape drive device drivers for Windows and SCO Unix.

Independent Consultant 1996

In 1996 I decided to leave and work as an Independent Software Developer, so I started Saboware, Inc. I worked on several small contracts in CA and landed a job with Software Productions, in Irvine. We developed an IT accounting product for Hewlett Packard. When the project was completed, the company closed its doors and I eventually moved to Honolulu.

Moved to Honolulu 1999

In Hawaii, I worked for Cheap Tickets, Bank of Hawaii, and Chevron.Sabo Family I started Open Ocean Partners, doing Software Development and Web Design projects across the US. I recruited a network of over 300 programmers and database people, and provided contract jobs. I worked at Booz Allen Hamilton for a couple years supporting military contracts for the Economic Business Analysis team. The job was quite boring and I decided to go back to school and take my career in a different direction.

Education – BSBA and MBA

I went to school at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, where I earned my Bachelors of Science in Business/Entrepreneurial Studies and MBA with concentration in Marketing. As a consultant, I continued working on Web Development and Software Development projects. I responded to an ad for a commercial loan broker, doing loans for commercial real estate.

Hard Money Lending

Hard Money Lending was big business in 2008 when the financial crisis made bank lending scarce. I started TOP 10 Funding, as a broker for commercial real estate loans. I have access to billions to lend for commercial real estate purchases, fix-and-flips, and refinancing.

Commercial Finance Consultant 2008

When I started TOP 10 Funding, TOP 10 FundingI decided to recruit agents to work as front-line sales, but found that people were using the website for their own business and not bringing in deals. I eventually decided to keep the TOP 10 Funding website, but work alone and only service deals that came through the website. I still receive requests for loans, even though I don’t do any promotion of the website.

University of Phoenix 2013

I also teach Business and IT classes at University of Phoenix in Honolulu and Kapolei campus. The courses I teach are: Web Design, Java Programming, Business Systems, System Analysis, Operating Systems, Programming Logic and Algorithms, Accounting and other business classes.

Digital Marketing Strategies

I decided to utilize my marketing, SEO, and Web Development skills to compete in the fastest growing consulting sector. As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I provide the consulting skills and also outsource a portion of the work, such as content creation, graphics design, video editing, and ad management. The Ad agency is new and I am using the brand, Marketing Slayer for now. I have a website named Marketing Slayer, and use the marketing.slayer gmail account.  Other websites I have created include Monalisa The Realtor, and Central Oahu.

The services I focus on are – Social Media, Web Design, Email Marketing, E-Commerce, and SEO.